NEWS and NOTES and QUIPS and COMMENTS - January 2016

The Family Workshop, now in our 14th year continues to grow, just a little, and continues to be a safe and supportive place for clients. Every day we are grateful for that and well aware that this is due to a great staff and Therapists and clients who work hard to make life a little better for themselves and others. Keep it up you guys and…

If I could make one wish today, and know it would be done
Well I would say everyone could stay, ‘til they’re too old to die young
Let me watch my children grow, to see what they become
Oh Lord don’t let that cold wind blow, ‘til I’m too old to die young (WELCH)


Shannon Moore
Linda & Shannon
Jeff & Melissa Counselor of the year
Dawn & Frosty
Kristie Basey


Here are some well deserved Shout Outs to Counselors and Staff

Jennifer Hattar had a baby – Corey………………Edyta Terepka had a baby – Gabriella

Thank you to Sunny Laurenne for her face painting and dancing and dancing with Jeff.

Kristie and Raquel and Shannon ALMOST got the Winnebago on the Price is Right.

Thank you to Christina Bryant for great Clinical Directoring.

Thank you to Kristie and Raquel for creating a great billing/claims/payments on time team, really.

Welcome to our new office managers Marnie and Barbara.

Donna Clauss has reintroduced worry dolls to the agency but all of us took them for ourselves!

Donna Clauss is the “Rookie of the Year.”

Halloween Costume of the year…Juanita Baca (she wins every year).

We have added two additional suites for scheduling convenience, one on the East Side and one on the West.

Katie Royer is hangin’ in there…come on Katie!

Thanks to BREAKING BLUE, the band, and the Tomato Café, the café.


Congrats to Holly Holm


Family Workshop
Melissa Snyder
Linda & Shannon
Jeff Pontes
Family Counseling Workshop
Juanita Baca


Family Workshop
Raquel Macias
Linda & Shannon
Jeff and Sunny
Family Counseling Workshop
Jeff and Donna (Rookie of the year)



16 Person Debates
Kardashians and Caitlin – what do they do?
Gun Violence – we need smart guns or mental health intervention or somethin’
Substitute quarterbacks for the Cowboys.
Pumpkin Flavoring (2nd year on the list)
The Homeless guy in front of the building – do I give him $20 or call the police?
Rand Paul – Does he curl his hair?


Finally, our best wishes to all clients and Therapists and Staff, thank you for making this a special place, and bring the boys, and girls, home safe from all the conflicts around the world. Our slogan for next year’s T-shirts: The Family Workshop, Good Vibes, Great Counselors.

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