NEWS and NOTES and QUIPS and COMMENTS - July 2020

The Family Workshop, now in our 19th year continues to grow, just a little, and continues to be a safe and supportive place for clients. Every day we are grateful for that and well aware that this is due to a great staff and Therapists and clients who work hard to make life a little better for themselves and others. Keep it up you guys and…

If I could make one wish today, and know it would be done
Well I would say everyone could stay, ‘til they’re too old to die young
Let me watch my children grow, to see what they become
Oh Lord don’t let that cold wind blow, ‘til I’m too old to die young (WELCH)






Here are some well deserved Shout Outs to Counselors and Staff

Wowee Zowee and oh my gosh, who would have thought? This pandemic, Coronavirus, Covid-19 is really a mess and has certainly captured our attention. I want to first of all thank our clients and Counselors for "stepping up" with their transition to telephone and video counseling, that has literally "saved" our ability to continue services. On one hand, Counselors have said that it is very different to do counseling this way and requires more preparation ahead of time…even to the point of a lesson plan. On the other hand clients and counselors have enjoyed the convenience, no travel, no child care and easier to schedule. We will try to continue this availability following the resolution to this shut down!

Presently, because our services are essential, we are doing mostly telephone and video counseling and some clients are coming into our offices…with all precautions according to the CDC and state recommendations.

We are certainly aware of the heightened anxiety and tension in the community. All of us need and must create outlets to ease that tension in our lives. The internet is full of mental health and behavioral health ideas to ease that tension and/or call us. It is incredible how the entire society/culture has wrapped around and maneuvered through this pandemic all toward a resemblance of normalcy. Be well and wear a mask!

Kari Valdez, counselor extraordinaire, had a baby…so, life goes on.

I want to also thank our administrative staff during this transition to keep this boat afloat. This particular group: Marnie, Dawn, Bri, Tina, Chelsea, Chris, Averi and Jamie have done a terrific job communicating with each other and a great job as a liaison between Counselors and clients. Thank you.

We are well aware and cognizant of the "Black lives matter" movement throughout the country and in our state. Please pay attention to this effort and give all people respect, support and kindness…be the change.

So, the Pope and Trump were out fishing in a lake in Italy. The Pope's hat flies off his head and lands in the lake. Trump gets out of the boat and walks on the water to get the Pope's hat and brings it back to the boat (this event was completely covered by the media) That night, CNN reports that "TRUMP CAN'T SWIM."

So, vote for "Sleepy Joe" or "Dumpy Trump" but BE SURE TO VOTE!

Be safe everybody, Hello in There (tribute to John Prine), and thank you for your continued support of the Family Workshop Counseling Center.

Mental Health Matters

Jeff Burrows, Agency Director
( Binging on the Sopranos, Queer Eye, Ozark, Better Call Saul, Outlander and Justified…and CNN)


Family Workshop
Linda & Shannon
Family Counseling Workshop
Juanita Baca


Family Workshop
Linda & Shannon


Finally, our best wishes to all clients and Therapists and Staff, thank you for making this a special place, and bring the boys, and girls, home safe from all the conflicts around the world. Our slogan for next year’s T-shirts: The Family Workshop, Good Vibes, Great Counselors.

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